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Law Office Eurohelp Ltd. is established in 2004. The Company’s main fields of activities are legal and business consultations. Employees of the Company have been actively involved in the field of Public Procurement since 1996. We have worked under EC Projects in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Georgia. Our lawyers have been working with procurement and administartive draft laws in those Countries but also working out Estonian PP legislation, system and e-procurement register. Eurohelp Ltd
Registration code: 11065445
Käo 59-4
Tallinn 11317
GSM: +372 50 57689
manager: Tom Annikve

Our Services

  • Preparation of claims, oppositions in Civil, Administrative (incl. Public Procurement) procedures
  • Help foreign Companies to prepare bids and bid for goods, services and works procurements in Estonia, also in other Countries (Albania, etc)
  • Legal issues related to real estate, property disputes
  • Representaion in Courts and Arbitration (also PP Remedies)
  • Organisation and conduct of Public procurement procedures, preparation of Tender Documentation for CA-s and Bids for Tenders
  • Help Estonian Companies to bid in other EU Countries procurements
  • Consultations for Firms (Bidders) and Contracting Authorities and for Physical Persons
  • Organisation of unic, exceptional and comlex Procurements
  • Organisation of Procurement related training
  • Establishment of a Company in Estonia and related Notary services
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Eurohelp Ltd Registration code: 11065445 Käo 59-4, Tallinn 11317 GSM: +372 50 57689 E-mail: manager: Tom Annikve
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